What Makes the Jaguar XF Special?

Luxury combined with performance continue making the Jaguar XF a popular sedan. The Jaguar's overall aerodynamic style and lightweight body enable the vehicle to travel along the roadways with ease. The frame and body additionally combine to create a perfect balance that ensures optimal agility and makes the XF a pleasure to drive.

The front and rear suspensions are also lightweight and strong to enable exceptional handling and smooth ride. The 3.0L V6 engines are standard on the XF. However, the supercharged technology releases 380 hp that takes it from zero to 60 mph in a mere 5…

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The 2018 Jaguar E-PACE Delivers a High-Performance Driving Experience

Jaguar's 2018 E-PACE has been designed for superior handling from the specially engineering chassis to its 9-speed responsive automatic transmission. Adding all-wheel drive and new technologies like Adaptive Dynamics, the E-PACE handles smoothly regardless of road conditions.

Jaguar designed the E-PACE's chassis for agile and refined driving using aluminum to increase its rigidity. The suspension system is fully independent and employs a multi-link rear suspension design to achieve a comfortable ride. 

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When Should You Have Your Brakes Serviced?

Your brakes perform an important service for your vehicle. The system works to deliver increased pressure to the brake calipers, which will then squeeze the wheel rotors and cause the wheels to turn more slowly or stop. If the brake fluid is compromised, then it will not be able to exert the correct pressure on the calipers.

When the brake pedal is working properly, it will be firm when depressed. If it is soft or spongy in its response, then it probably has a problem with the brake fluid. A common cause of a soft brake is usually air in…

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What's an Infotainment System and Why You Want One

In today's vehicles, infotainment systems are commonly found, combining great entertainment and fast information delivery. Our team wants you to know a little about the various infotainment systems available so you can make the best choice for you.

Run on powerful platforms like Android, QNX, and Linux, these systems offer a wealth of information and entertainment. You can listen to music, view maps, display the backup camera, get weather reports, and more. Many of your favorite third-party services are also available like Pandora, Spotify, and The Weather Channel and more are...

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Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

New vehicles come with so many technology-based accessories today. The dash cam is one accessory that’s very handy and beneficial. If you have a dash cam but need assistance using it, or want to purchase a dash cam, stop and see us at Jaguar San Diego. We can help you and make sure you’re completely comfortable using a dash cam.

There are many benefits to having a dash cam, from recording a driving or parking accident to recording something no one will ever believe you saw. It’s also a great way to document that special family vacation…

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Rest Your Feet on a New Aftermarket Floor Mat

The floor of your vehicle suffers a lot of wear and tear, and an enormous amount of traffic. Every time you or a passenger enters a vehicle, sometimes dirty shoes are being dragged across your vehicle's floor. While there are obviously factory floor mats in most new cars, they can often be difficult to clean and offer limited protection to the floor underneath. So, consider resting your feet on a new aftermarket floor mat.

Aftermarket mats come in two main types, all-weather rubber mats, and traditional carpeted mats. All-weather mats are fantastic if you live in an area with…

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Popular Motor Oil Myths

You can use this blog to become a better-informed car owner. At our dealership, we encounter a lot of motor oil-related myths. Let's quickly debunk a couple.

Some drivers believe that oil's color dictates when to change it. They think black oil is completely used oil. This is incorrect. While new motor oil has a translucent, dark-amber appearance, its darkening does not indicate significant viscosity loss. In fact, in addition to lubricating, the oil must clean. Thus, if you see black oil on your auto's dipstick, this simply indicates that your oil is doing its job.

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What You Might Need in a Roadside Emergency

Most people think that it won't happen to them. However, people have roadside emergencies every day. You don't want to be in a situation where you don't have what you need in your car when an emergency strikes.

One important item to keep in a roadside emergency kit is a pair of jumper cables. This item really helps out when you have a dead battery. Carry a flashlight in the car. You may have a roadside emergency at night. Make sure that you have all the equipment that you will need to change a flat tire. In…

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What Causes Soft Brakes?

If your vehicle's brake pedal feels soft when you step on it, it is a signal that something has changed. One cause of the softer feel is a change in brake fluid. Brake fluid is inside the brake line, and if air seeps into the line, the pedal will feel soft. The brake line needs bleeding to squeeze out the air.

Sometimes the brake line has small holes or tears, which is allowing the fluid to leak out. Losing brake fluid will cause the brakes to lose hydraulic pressure. The braking will not feel firm. A leaking brake line…

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Is Your Car Engine Getting Loud?

If your car's engine is getting louder, chances are it's the exhaust system that's the problem. When corrosion causes exhaust pipes to develop holes, the engine's noise escapes before it reaches the muffler.

Other signs that your exhaust system may be leaking is a loss of fuel economy if the leak is near the engine. That's because engines are designed to use the back pressure provided by a sealed exhaust system. This can also cause the engine to vibrate more than normal as it works harder. Problems don't stop at leaks, though. Blockage of…

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