Overcoming Range Anxiety With a Jaguar EV

2022 Jaguar F-PACE Mountains Desert

Jaguar has been at the forefront of high-performance luxury vehicles for decades, and now the automaker continues to innovate by producing quality EVs with an impressive range to take you wherever you need to go around Rancho Santa Fe. You’ll have plenty of power for spending a day at the Padres’ game or heading to your favorite beach destination. Current models on our lot give you plenty of Jaguar EV range, with more on the way, giving you more options for your Coronado garage.

See what we mean when talking about the Jaguar EV range near Del Mar in this guide from Jaguar San Diego.

Your Jaguar EV Range Planning Checklist

Your Jaguar EV’s range offers plenty of wiggle room for daily drives, weekly errands, and long-distance summer vacations. Examine this strategy to get the most out of your Jaguar EV range.

Know What Your Jaguar EV Range Is

You don’t want to be stranded when traveling with an EV. Luckily, CA has the most public charging stations available compared to other states, giving you confidence with every drive. What’s more? The Jaguar EV range is impressive, allowing you to travel to urban areas easily and effortlessly on any journey.

You’ll also get outstanding performance with a Jaguar EV for 2024.

What is the range of Jaguar electric cars? If you live within 20 miles of your commute, you can drive to work and back on pure electricity thanks to the F-PACE. Once the PHEV’s battery runs out, it will switch to the gasoline engine. For longer travels and zero emissions, the award-winning I-PACE has your back with well over 200 miles of range, which is the new standard in the industry. 

What is the range of Jaguar electric cars moving forward? By 2030, the company will divide into four distinct segments, with Jaguar going fully electric while the Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery brands will have at least one pure EV in the coming years.

Charge Ahead, Plan Ahead

Charging your Jaguar EV at home is simple and affordable with a Level 2 charging box installed in your garage. You’ll also find plenty of public charging stations wherever you go, locating them with this convenient nationwide map of charging stations from the U.S. Department of Energy. Use your car’s GPS to find the nearest charging station.

Traffic in our area can be brutal, but GPS and mapping apps can help you navigate rush-hour traffic, detours, and road construction in San Diego. Plan for these contingencies so you’re never stuck without power if your EV battery is dwindling.

Drive Efficiently

Speeding and hitting the brakes hard can drain your Jaguar EV range more quickly than normal because of the sudden power surge. We recommend accelerating and decelerating gradually and driving at or below the speed limit. That means leaving enough room between your vehicle and others so you can stop without a problem.

Extremely hot or extremely cold weather can lower your Jaguar EV range. Consumer Reports states that the ideal outdoor temperature to maximize your Jaguar EV range is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for our tropical-like weather! 

If you constantly run the air conditioning in your Jaguar EV, it will increase power consumption and drain the battery faster. If you can, run the AC minimally while driving to help with your Jaguar EV’s range.

Test Drive a New Jaguar EV in San Diego

Ready to experience the Jaguar EV range for yourself? Contact us or call 855-975-9069 to schedule a test drive with our team. We can’t wait to see you drive away with one of these new vehicles!

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